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Canon EOS 40D with BG-E2 vertical grip

Includes (2) batteries, original boxes, instruction manuals, body cap, USB cable and charger. Only 7953 shutter activations.

None currently available

CANON 35mm NIKON 35mm

Eye Control Auto-focus

w/strap, box, & instructions

30 Day Parts & Labor Warranty


w/ cap, strap, instruction manual and guidebook


CANON lenses and accessories NIKON lenses and accessories

NEW in box! Includes front cap, rear cap, hood, and original box.

CANON EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS USM

Includes front cap, rear cap, hood, tripod collar, soft case and original box.

30 days parts and labor warranty

CANON EF 16-35 f/2.8L II USM

Includes front cap, rear cap and hood.

30 days parts and labor warranty

TAMRON 28-105mm F2.8 AF Asph. LD

CANON EF mount. Includes front cap, rear cap and hood.

SIGMA 28-70mmD f/2.8 DF EX for NIKON

Lens is not sharp, needs adjustment or repair. Includes front and rear cap.

TAMRON 28-105mm F2.8 AF Asph. LD

NIKON mount. Includes rear cap.

NIKON AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8G ED

Includes front and rear caps. Minor abrasion on front element, does not affect image quality.

NIKON AF Nikkor 35-70mm F2.8 D

Includes front and rear caps.

CANON Command Back E1

Command Back for EOS 1 or 1N

30 days parts and labor warranty

NIKON 28mm f/3.5 PC

Perspective Control lens. Includes front and rear caps.

FIVE STAR 28-135mm f/3.8

NIKON mount, manual focus

TOKINA 70-210mm f/4-5.6

NIKON mount, manual focus, AI

NIKON MC-12A remote release

Used to trigger older Nikon cameras with 2-pin connections. Can be used with modern 10-pin cameras with adapter (not included).

FORSCHER Polaroid Back

For Nikon F2/FE. Also available for Nikon N90, Nikon F3 with or without timer, Nikon FM or Canon EOS-1 with powerwinder.


 M E D I U M   F O R M A T

B R O N I C A, P E N T A X,

& H A S S E L B L A D


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24 exposures on 220 film. Matched insert - serial # 32EP15584. Includes dark slide.

BRONICA Polaroid back $50.00
BRONICA ETR focusing screen

Like new in box


Mismatched insert

HASSELBLAD quick release plate

Functional and sold as is

HASSELBLAD focus screen 

Includes case

HASSELBLAD series 63 MP-6 Filter

Creates prismatic "fly's eye" effect with image repeated 6 times. Includes leather case.

HASSELBLAD B50 55mm extension tube

Needs repair

MAMIYA RB auto extension tubes no.1 and no.2

No.1 in need of repair

 L A R G E F O R M A T

EPSON P-2000

Download and display photos directly from CF or SD cards, no computer required. 40 GB hard drive. Includes battery, AC adapter w/ cord, stand, original box, software CD and copy of instruction manual.


SIMA ZoomMike

Miniature shotgun microphone. Works intermittently, needs repair. 1/8" phono connection is compatible with most DSLRs. Includes windscreen, shoe mount and case.

Sold as is


NEC 26" TV auto-color monitor model CM-2551A

Dual stereo videoinputs, quad-speaker ready with internal stereo speakers. No remote and missing front cover plate.


Photography instruction videos

Multiple subjects

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PHOTOGENIC PL1000DR 2-light kit

Includes (2) Photogenic Solair Constant Color PL1000DR monolights, (2) Photogenic 13' stands, (2) Photogenic "The Eclipse" 44" umbrellas, an instruction manual and a sync cord. Each light also includes a working flash tube, modeling light, tube cover, 7" reflector and power cord.

BALCAR 2-light kit

Includes Balcar Monobloc 2 1000ws monolight and Balcar 102U lamphead with (2) flash tubes, (2) modeling lamps, (2) reflectors, power cord and original instruction manual.


NORMAN P-2000D 2-light kit

Inludes Norman P-2000D pack, (2) LH2000 lampheads w/ (2) flash tubes and (2) modeling lights, (2) 9' stands, (2) reflectors, (2) tube covers and power cord.



1200 watt-second portable flash setup includes pack, battery, charger and lamphead with flash tube, modeling light, frosted glass dome and tube cover.

New battery cell installed 4-4-14

PHOTOGENIC Powerlight 600

Includes flash tube, modeling light, sync cord, power cord, reflector and tube cover.

PHOTOGENIC Powerlight 600

Intermittent function below 1/4 power, works normally at higher power settings. Includes flash tube, modeling light, reflector and power cord.

Sold as is

SPEEDOTRON 2401 2-light kit

Includes (1) 2401A 2400ws pack, (1) 102 head, (1) 102A head, (2) 11" reflectors, (2) flash tubes, (2) modeling lights and (1) power cord

30 days parts and labor warranty

NORMAN 400B kit

Includes Super Charger version 2, LH52K Lamphead w/ 5" reflector, (2) batteries, charging cord, power cord, and strap.

PLUME speedring for NORMAN $20.00

d-TTL-capable speedlight. TTL functions only with older cameras, with modern DSLRs will work only in A or M mode.

Sold as is

METZ 45 CL-3 handle-mount flash

Includes AA adapter and Quantum QM-M cord to connect to Quantum Battery 2.

Quantum CV cord
PHILLIPS flash bounce panel

Sold as is

QUANTUM XKE Module (Bantam to NIKON SB24/25)
Light green 4'x7' canvas
SUPERIOR background holder system (New)

Includes 2 stands, crossbar in 4 sections and soft case. Maximum size is 10' high by 12' wide. Backdrop not included.

Silver hard case

18" x 13" x 6.5". Foam padded interior.

Sold as is

DOMKE soft lens case

8" x 8" x 22". Designed for 600mm lens, but could be used for stands, umbrellas, etc.

Sold as is

LOWEPRO backpack

21" x 14" x 8". Includes customized foam padding with cutouts for common photographic equipment and 2 attachable soft lens cases.

Sold as is

PELICAN hard case

16" x 11" x 6". Includes foam insert.

Sold as is

BESELER 45MX II enlarger kit

50mm f2.8 lens with lens board , Time-O-Lite M59 timer , Beseler negative 35mm carrier, 50mm EL-Nikkor f2.8 lens with board, 80mm EL-Nikkor f5.6 lens

OMEGA C67 medium format enlarger

Includes ARISTO cold lamp (installed), 80mm SCHNEIDER-COMPONON lens and 4 negative carriers (6x4.5, 6x7, 6x6 and 35mm slide)

OMEGA color enlarger

Includes OMEGA C67 enlarger, Super Chromega C (dichroic head with voltage stabilizer), BESELER PM1A color analyzer, SCHNEIDER-COMPONON S 50mm enlarging lens, 2 negative carriers (35mm and 35mm mounted slide) and misc. spare parts

Nikon EL-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8 NIKON EL-Nikkor 50MM f/2.8 enlarging lens

Includes original lens case, box and mounting ring

POLAROID Auto Processor

Includes film retriever

PREMIER Ferrotype Dryer
ARKAY 16x20 stainless print washer
SAUNDERS 11x14 printing easel
LINDAHL Vignetter

Double bellows system. Includes 55-ser 8 ring, ser8-B50 Hasselblad ring, M1301 montaging mask kit and diffusion kit with D1-D5 glass filters and wooden case.

PENTAX Close-Up Lens No. 1

49mm macro filter

Set of (2) HOYA 37.5mm +4 macro filters
TIFFEN 8-piece Series # 9 Photar filter set

Includes B-1, B-3, B-6, B-12, R-1, R-3, R-6 and R-12 filters with dedicated leather case

LINDAHL hood and filter system

Includes 3 drop-in filters (graduated ND, 6-point star and 083 A) and Hasselblad B50 mount.

HOYA 62mm circular polarizer

Includes plastic case

Filter case

holds 6 filters

SOLIGOR 55mm K-1 pale yellow filter
ROKUNAR 55mm 1A sky filter
KENKO 46mm polarizer
DOMKE filter case

Holds 9 filters

KALT 55mm Color-Crost filter

Includes case

Set of 4 55mm filters

Polarizing, colorburst, 81A,and 85A

PAASCHE airbrush

Includes air hose, wrench, mount, color cup, cleaning rod, case and instructions.

Foamcore - 9 pieces

(4) approx. 80" x 45", (5) approx. 45" x 12"

$20.00 for all
MAJESTIC heavy-weight geared tripod

Includes mounting hardware for NORMAN

2'x5' Light Table

All items subject to prior sale

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