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Camren eNewsJune 14 2006
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October 2006

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Photokina was held in Cologne, Germany on Sept 26 - 30th and is the world's largest photographic expo. Held every other year, Photokina is the major stage for new product announcements. Below you will find the some of the highlights and news releases.

Leica acquires control of Sinar

Leica Camera AG revealed that it had acquired a controlling share (51%) in the Swiss camera company Sinar, purchased from Jenoptik. Leica has stated that it fully intends to continue development of Sinar products under the Sinar brand.

"Both companies will benefit from synergies in technical collaboration as well as marketing and sales. Leica Camera AG is confident that the acquisition will bring positive developments for customers, employees as well as shareholders of both companies. This is a first step on the strategic path towards growing the business of Leica Camera AG." 1

Leica's New Digital Rangefinder

52 years ago at Photokina 1954, Leica introduced the first M series camera, the M3, the first Leica rangefinder body with a bayonet interchangeable lens mount.

In time for Photokina 2006, Leica introduces, the first digital M series, the M8. "This new rangefinder digital camera has the classic design, build and function of the M series but utilizes a completely digital imaging system. The M8 has a specially designed ten megapixel CCD sensor which being slightly smaller than a film negative introduces a 1.33x field of view crop. This ratio conveniently converts several standard M lenses to sort-of equivalent steps (so 21 mm to approx. 28 mm, 28 mm to approx. 35 mm). The M8 is not an adapted M7, it is a totally new camera with a new body (albeit one that bears all the usual M trademarks), a new viewfinder and a new sensor..." 2

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Four new Zeiss lenses for Nikon F mount

"ZF is a new range of interchangeable lenses for Nikon SLR cameras, both analog and digital. ZF lenses bring the highly acclaimed Carl Zeiss image quality to the Nikon SLR camera system, which has been the preferred equipment of millions of professional and ambitious amateur photographers for decades." 3
Carl Zeiss has announced four new ZF series manual focus prime lenses for Nikon F mount.

* ZF Distagon T* 35mm f/2

* ZF Makro-Planar 50mm f/2

* ZF Makro-Planar 100mm f/2

* ZF Distagon T* 25mm f/2.8

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Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 1700 mm F4 lens

"Carl Zeiss recently announced a totally unique 'monster lens', the built-to-order Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 1700 mm F4 lens. Designed to be used with a Hasselblad 6x6 medium format camera this monster lens weighs in at 256 KG (564 lb) and uses unique methods for handling focusing (because of the weight of each glass element). This lens becomes the largest telephoto lens for non-military use anywhere in the world. The price hasn't been disclosed (although we've heard rumors) nor has the private owner, although some of the text on the lens is in Arabic and it carries a 'State of Qatar' emblem."4

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Kingston 4 GB SDHC card

Kingston Technology announced their first SDHC card, the 4 GB Secure Digital High-Capacity Class 2. Starting at 4 GB, SDHC cards offer larger-volume data storage and optimized recording performance with support for FAT 32 file formats. Kingston’s SDHC cards use a new speed "class" rating known as Class 2 that delivers a minimum transfer rate of 2 MB/sec.

"Although identical in size to today’s standard SD card, the new SDHC cards are designed differently and are only recognized by SDHC host devices. To ensure compatibility, look for the SDHC logo on cards and host devices (cameras, camcorders, etc.)."5

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Seitz for 160 megapixels

Seitz has announced its D3 scan back which when implemented in its new 6x17 Digital camera produces a 160 megapixel image in around one second, or on its new Roundshot D3 camera produces a 470 megapixel image in two seconds. The new back and cameras will be available in January priced at around $36,000. * Create a high resolution 6x17 digital image (160 million pixels) in

one second!

  • Ideal for use with world-class Schneider or Rodenstock large format lenses (on Seitz lens board) or Linhof Technorama, Fuji and other large format lenses (on adaptor plate)
  • User-friendly camera system and software with 640x480 pixel color touch screen for perfect preview, editing, zooming and image control
  • State-of-the art computer technology with gigabit Ethernet file transfer, powerful portable mini-computer (storage device) and handheld control device (PDA) with IP network WLAN connection
  • Fully mobile and open system:
    full mobility for outdoors assignments (with camera, portable
    mini-computer, handheld control device)
    possibility to use in studio and run software on
    computer with free choice of operating system (Mac OS,
    Windows, Linux)
  • Uncompromising precision of camera body and accessories 6

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ASMP Workshop for Photoshop and Digital Workflow

ASMP's successful Day with Jay Kinghorn, Photoshop expert, will be back with lots more for us to learn, including building an efficient workflow, options for importing from CF cards, creating an image library, image processing, building actions and droplets, archiving, storage and printing.

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