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Camren eNewsJune 14 2006
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November 2006

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Fujifilm S5 Pro

"Fujifilm today announces the development of the FinePix S5 Pro, the keenly-awaited successor to the acclaimed FinePix S3 Pro. With the introduction six years ago of its acclaimed Super CCD, Fujifilm moved away from increasing the pixel density of its sensors in favour of image quality developments that increase the overall performance of the sensor. The FinePix S5 Pro will see the refinement of a winning formula – Fujifilm’s Super CCD SR II will be updated to the new Super CCD SR Pro. Using a unique layout of twelve million paired photo diodes (6.17 million larger ‘S’ photo diodes for main image information, combined with 6.17 million smaller ‘R’ photo diodes for bright area information), the S5 Pro will deliver improvements in noise, dynamic range, color and tonality. Further improving the capability of the sensor, a new, improved low-pass filter will ensure that moiré and noise are kept to an absolute minimum."1

Fujifilm is relying on their "Real Photo Technology Pro" image processor, which combines the Super CCD SR Pro and the RP (Real Photo) Processor Pro, allowing for greater dynamic range with smoother tonality from highlight to shadow. This camera is designed to reach a broader range of photographers than just the Portrait/Social market of the S3 Pro. For more information on this camera and potential release date can be found here.

(Don't know what happened to the S4 pro.)

Nikon USA announced "... the new D40™ digital SLR camera that’s designed to offer consumers the ability to get higher quality, impressive looking pictures with the press of a button. While digital SLR cameras are extremely popular among professional photographers, some consumers have shied away from them because they are larger than compact digital cameras and some models can be complicated to the uninitiated user. Nikon addressed these concerns and more by designing the D40 as an ultra-compact, lightweight, 6.1-effective megapixel digital SLR camera with simplified new features, exceptional handling speed, and a redesigned, visually-intuitive menu system that brings digital SLR cameras to a whole new level of simplicity."

Expected to ship in time for the Christmas gift giving season with an estimated selling price of $599.95 for body and lens outfit, including the new 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens.  Autofocus is supported only with AF-S and AF-I CPU lenses, which are equipped with built-in motors. For more information click here.

Continuing on the heels of a news piece from May, the ongoing war for control of the future of RAW Digital conversion and file management is heating up. Apple has released an update of Aperture to1.5 and Adobe's Lightroom Beta v4 is available as a free download.

Capture One 4 PRO has been announced by Phase for a late spring release. This software package will be optimized for PhaseOne digital backs/DSLR cameras and offer DNG (Adobe's Digital Negative format) support.

If you wish to see our previous comparison of these and other softwares click here or check their sites for further information.

Contrary to empirical evidence, Black & White film is still thriving as both an art form and an educational tool. While some colleges in the Rocky Mountains are abandoning the wet darkrooms for classrooms full of Mac's and Epson printers, high schools and colleges are clinging to B&W as the perfect tool to start students on the road to photography.

While digital photography is the greatest innovation to photography since Kodachrome, it falls short of giving the photo student an intuitive exposure to the photographic process. With AGFA's demise and Kodak's departure from the B&W market leaves the field wide open for Ilford. Coming out of receivership and restructuring leaves Ilford the big player. Of course there are other film, paper and chemical companies out there but Ilford does all three.

What drives most corporations product lines is Voice of the Customer (VOC). You tell them what you did (or did not) like about their current product and they will go out of their way to make sure that is (or isn't) in the next model. Fujifilm discontinued Velvia (RVP) transparency film in the spring of 2005 after a 15 year product life. VOC on this product was deafening and they tried two separate products to replace this film but without success. Fujifilm has just stated...

" response to these requests our research and development teams have been working hard to develop substitute raw materials and new manufacturing technologies that enable us to restart production of this famous emulsion. We are planning to re-introduce Velvia II (provisional name) in the spring of 2007. The characteristics of the new emulsion will mirror that of the previous product."
Check the Fujifilm site for more information.

Camren is now offering sensor cleaning for Digital SLRs. Half frame sensor cameras (Nikon, Fuji and Canon 10D, 20D, 30D, Rebel models) for $49.95 and Full frame sensor cameras (Canon 1Ds Mk II and EOS 5D) for $69.95. Turnaround time 1 to 2 days or for $10.00 extra while you wait. Give us a call or stop in today.



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