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Just in is the EOS 30D which is Canon's latest 8.2 megapixel Digital SLR. We are now renting this camera for $90.00 per day.

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May 2006

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A lot of applications are vying to fulfil your RAW conversion / image management needs. RAW shooters have had to either used the software that came with their cameras or Adobe's Camera RAW plug in for Photoshop. Both are good and have their place but the workflow has been the stumbling block. The ability to crank out the images is just not an issue for capture but for processing.

For over a year we have been hearing from different photographers that they use Phase One's Capture One software as part of their workflow. Most are "stepping down" from medium format digital backs and incorporating the DSLR cameras into their workflow. A few DSLR shooters, after hearing how fast the work flow is, have made the switch themselves. In view of this both Apple and Adobe have shipped products in the same vein.

Apple shipped in January their all new application Aperture. Aperture is built to take advantage Apple OS X and their latest machines as an all-in-one post production tool for photographers. The program allows you to import, edit, catalog, organize, retouch, publish, and archive your images. (In the last week Apple has dropped the price $200.00 and offered a $200.00 rebate to people who had already purchased since January.)

Meanwhile nine miles down the road from Apple, at Adobe, they have just released a second public beta version of Lightroom.. They describe Lightroom as the next-generation photographer's software. To think of it as just a raw file converter, or an image processing program, would miss the fact that it as designed for sorting, cataloging, presenting and printing ones files. Though it's from Adobe, it breaks with Camera Raw and Photoshop workflow, giving the professional photographer a new set of tools to work with and build from. Initially this release is on the Macintosh platform but will be available on Windows for the full release. Price to be determined.

If Adobe, Phase One and Apple are at the top price point of the market, then ACDSee Pro , Bibble Pro (both for $129.99) and Raw Shooter Premium (for$89.99) come in at the next price point. They are known as work horse applications for the no frills photographer. They will organize, catalog, keyword and format change along with doing RAW conversion. They are sold at their respective websites and Raw Shooter Essentials is a free, scaled back version.

In preparation for this write up we came across a variety software that will organize and catalog that now offer RAW conversion. That they were free upgrades or freeware should not be the deciding factor in use of these software packages. The major drawback of these programs is that you can get along with the old computer you had but will to run as advertised, it will be on the latest and greatest computer & Operating System combinations.

Meanwhile on the corporation front, we came across these two press releases....

Elmsford, NY, April 24, 2006 – Mamiya O/P has announced that it’s Optical Equipment Division, manufacturer of the leading mediumgeneric text goes here format cameras and lenses will be transferred to a new company.

The new company, Cosmo Digital Imaging Company, Ltd. was formed by Cosmos Scientific Systems, Inc., a leading company in IT technology.

Cosmo Digital Imaging will be able to combine its software expertise with Mamiya’s photographic

capabilities to further advance in the digital direction of professional photographic imaging technology.

Building on Mamiya’s reputation and world wide distribution network, the new company will be able to achieve an even higher level of customer satisfaction. Service of Mamiya cameras, lenses and accessories will also be handled by the existing Mamiya distribution network.

Coming in the wake of a number of industry changes, this positive development gives Mamiya a new direction and a vision for the future.

Cosmo Digital is planning to execute these changes on September 1, 2006 and will retain a substantial number of present staff and facilities and acquire all the assets including inventory, property, trademarks and patents to assure a smooth transition.

April 20, 2006 – The New Jersey advertising agency, ChristopherMax Studio, has been merged with MAC Group, announced Jan Lederman, President of the MAC Group. "We have worked closely with them for over 10 years, and as part of our expansion planning, the merger is a natural for us."

Lederman continues: "They currently have seven artists and production support people on staff, and work with a number of additional freelancers and outside graphics houses. By placing our advertising agency adjacent to the MAC Group facility in New York, we will ensure more timely and accurate communications between our marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations executives."

"We are definitely in an expansion mode with our company posting solid gains in 2005 and 2006. As we move forward in this aggressive marketplace, rapid and high quality advertising and communications have become more important than ever. We will be taking additional space to accommodate the requirements of the advertising group, and expect to add to staff to strengthen both our traditional and Web marketing activities."

The new advertising group will be named MACmar. The move is expected to take place by July.

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InfoTrends Study Indicates Digital Cameras Will Dominate Professional Photography Market by 2010

InfoTrends, a leading research and marketing company released a study of over 131,000 professional photographers in North America (who spend nearly $800 million a year on cameras, lenses, printers, ink and media, software, and other accessories). Approximately 65% of these professional photographers use film cameras for some of their shoots, however, InfoTrends’ estimates that 70% of all professional photos are taken with digital cameras.

"The study indicates that by the end of the decade, 90% of professional pictures will be taken with digital cameras, and less than 40% of professional photographers will still use film cameras. Pro photographers continue to purchase new digital cameras and backs as performance improves; however, falling prices are keeping overall camera revenue flat."

"The transition to digital is changing the economics and profile of the professional photography industry," commented Jeff Hayes, Group Director at InfoTrends. "Digital technology is lowering the barriers to entry and increasing competition. Successful pro photographers in the future will have more automated workflows from capture through publishing, establish a strong Web presence, and diversify their offering to include more post-capture products and services."

"The prevalence of digital cameras in this industry is increasing, but many professional photographers are struggling with photo editing, management, and printing issues due to the volume of digital pictures taken, the learning curve associated with software, and demands from their clients. Photographers indicate that they are spending more of their time in post-shoot activities and less time marketing and taking pictures."

... the whole article is available here

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