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December 2007

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The Nikon D300 has arrived and we have it for rent. After reading all the blogs and reviews, all that is left to do is put it in your hands on it and test drive it yourself. Nikon did not drop the ball and may have even raised the bar. Most reviewers have placed this camera in a head to head match up with Canon's 40D. The D300 has 2 more megapixels and a price tag of close to $500 more than the 40D, which puts this camera in competition with the Nikon's own D2X camera instead.

The D300 is more than just an upgrade to the D200. It feels and acts like a new camera. You can read more about this camera here and here.

Call or come in today to reserve your chance to experience the D300 for only $90.00 per day.

Corbis loses a lot...

Corbis, the photographic stock agency owned by Bill Gates, has been found liable for the loss of 12,640 transparencies belonging to photographer Chris Usher, in a Federal suit. Damages for that loss will be set at a hearing in December.

Corbis stores over 100 million plus images in an underground mountain refrigerated vault. Chris Usher went to work for Corbis in the spring of 2000, covering major news and political events as a free lancer for various magazines. When he left Corbis in November 2001, he asked for the return all of his images, but Corbis was unable to locate many of them.

The Federal judge found Corbis to be liable for the loss due their inability to track and keep sufficient records. Usher was able to keep his records for the 50,000 plus images he submitted during his time there. Corbis was found to be negligent in their record keeping.

This suit has been on going since 2002 and to read more about this case click here.

arbus archive goes to the met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is acquiring the complete archives of photographer Diane Arbus through a donation from Arbus's estate. The photographer’s estate has presented her complete archives as a gift, along with hundreds of early and unique photographs; negatives and contact prints of 7,500 rolls of film; and hundreds of glassine print sleeves that she personally annotated before her death by suicide in 1971.

The museum has purchased 20 of Arbus’s most important photographs, including “Russian Midget Friends in a Living Room on 100th Street, N.Y.C.” from 1963 and “Woman with a Veil on Fifth Avenue, N.Y.C.” from 1968, from the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco, which represents her estate.

The purchased price was not released for the photographs but experts say they are worth at least $5 million. The gift of the archive is impossible to value, experts said.

To read more click here or here.

train this

We get a lot of people asking what books or videos are good for learning Photoshop and other aspects of digital photography. Well, the people at National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) now offer through their parent organization, Kelby Training, online classes for a yearly subscription rate of $199.00 (or $179.00 for NAPP members). If you can not get local hands on training this is the next best thing.

Below is a strip from "What the Duck", the photography themed, web based comic strip. Check out the strip at

What the duck comic


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